Every year the annual membership meeting of St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church is held on the last Sunday of February, at the Vasbouragan Hall, 51 Commonwealth Avenue, San Francisco, CA, at 2:00 PM. If there is no quorum at that time, the membership meeting takes place one-half hour later at 2:30 PM sharp, with those members present as a quorum. The Ladies Auxiliary provides lunch for a nominal fee prior to the meeting.

Each year we urge our parishioners, with their families, to join our Church roster, by submitting their Membership Dues to bring a sense of belonging to our Church Family. It is your membership, participation, and support that not only gives spiritual meaning to our faith but allows our members to share their concerns and ideas for the advancement of the spiritual journey of our Church. Those who have not paid their annual membership dues need to pay $100 per member or $150 per couple in order to participate in the annual meeting.

-Pastor and Board of Trustees

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